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What's in the IRA for Cultural Institutions? - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Sutton
America is All In, Environment & Culture Partners, and American Alliance of Museums all called for Direct Pay to make this accessible to cultural institutions who are nonprofits.
Sarah Sutton
Here's that link on the organiztaion helping bridge the gap in time to funding https://www.footprintcoalition.com/post/green-finance-firm-enduring-planet-will-front-cash-to-climate-startups-that-get-grant-funding
Sarah Sutton
Can you suggest what you'd like to hear next time that we haven't noted yet?
Sarah Sutton
Beth also found this...From Elizabeth Hartman to All Panelists 09:51 AMHere is another article I saw recently about how the funding incentivizes domestic production, in case interesting for the group: https://www.reuters.com/markets/us/us-awards-28-billion-ev-battery-grid-projects-2022-10-19/